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201. Don’t force us to accept your point of view. What is the meaning of the underlined part?

A. objection       B. thinking        C. opinion         D. method

202. The police are offering a        to anyone who can give information about the wanted criminal(通緝犯).

A. price        B. prize        C. reward        D. money

203. Hawks eat more field _____ than _____ . We should take good care of them and not kill them

A. mouse… chicken    B. mice… chicken     C. mouse… chickens   D. mice… chickens

204. The railways in China belong to ______, whereas the ones in Japan, to the private..

A. the nation    B. the country   C. the state   D. the land

205. There are 56 ___________ in China all together and they get on well with each other in our socialist big family.

A. nations     B. races       C. nationalities    D. people

206. My cousin is a sailor. He's doing very well in the _______.

 A. army          B. navy     C. air force    D. boat

207. After a few days’ hard work, the workers have broken the neck of the project. The underlined part probably means _____.

A. the workers have damaged the project

B. the workers have delayed the project

C. the workers have got rid of the project

D. the workers have finished the most difficult part of the project.

208. His _________, his sister's son, was admitted to Beijing University this year.

   A. cousin    B. niece    C. nephew   D. grandson

209. Very loud ______ can make people ill, or even drive them mad.

   A. voices    B. sounds        C. noise        D. noises

210. I found my _____ open when I opened my drawer. Someone must have read what I wrote in it.

   A. novel          B. notebook   C. wallet     D. dictionary

211. Our daily Beijing Mean Time is in fact Nanjing Time. That’s because we set our time by the standards of Tzichingshan (Zijinshan) ______ in Nanjing.

   A. obligation    B. observatory    C. oraganization  D. laboratory

212. --- What do you think of the novel?

   --- In my _________, its just so so.

   A. thought     B. idea    C. occupation    D. opinion

213. ________ is a warm coat over ordinary clothes in cold weather, its thinner one called “topcoat” in A.E(American English).

   A. Suit    B. Skirt    C. Overcoat    D. Gloves

214. Our national current       is characterized by such a variety of modes as a joint venture and monopoly capital, apart from State, Collective and Individual.

   A. ownership        B. owner          C. owing           D. owning

215. Of all the English universities, the most famous are Cambridge and        , from which many English Prime Ministers were graduated.

   A. Oxford          B. Maryland          C. South Wales      D. Harvard

216. If you feel dizzy in a coal-burning room, that’s lack of    . Please open the window and air the room at once.

   A. onion           B. hydrogen         C. oxygen         D. carbon-dioxide

217. The constitution(憲法)reads: Any party, whether in office or in        , should serve the majority of the people heart and soul

    A. opposition        B. post              C. occupation        D. order

218. There came a voice of “      ”. She got her ring finger scratched by the bottle opener.

    A. Aha          B. Yummy          C. Ugh           D. Ouch

219. I received a postal packet yesterday. Which of the following can replace the underlined word? _____

    A. bag    B. baggage   C. package   D. parcel

220. Mr. Wang was reading ______ on how to learn a foreign language when someone came to see him.

    A. paper     B. a piece of paper   C. a paper    D. a sheet of paper

221. There are 5 ________ in the passage about nanometer(納米) technology we have just read. Please tell me the general meaning of the first one.

    A. persons   B. paragraphs    C. articles    D. units

222. In Paris nowadays, we may see musicians performing in the streets to ______.

    A. audiences    B. visitors    C. travelers    D. passersby

223. Lun Xun once said that the _____ are made by people. That’s so-called “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

A. paths     B. ways     C. tracks     D. roads

224. TV home shopping(電視直銷) has changed the way of shopping and the ____ of peoples family life in some way.

A. meaning    B. structure    C. pattern    D. tense

225. After a ________ , the author went on writing his novel. Which of the following cannot be put in the blank?

A. food     B. rest    C. pause     D. break

226. --- What’s the price of the apple?

    --- Ninety-seven _____ per kilogram.

A. pences     B. pence     C. penny     D. pennys

227. Christopher Marlore (1564—95) was a writer belonging to ______of Shakespeare.

A. the period    B. a time     C. an age     D. day

228. Now more and more people prefer to have a ______ at home --- a little dog, a cat or some other animals.

A. habit     B. hobby    C. parrot     D. pet

229. The baby is the picture of health. What does this sentence mean? _____

A. The baby in the picture is very healthy.  B. The baby likes the healthy picture

C. The baby is looking at the beautiful picture. D. The baby is in very good health.

230. The little boy likes plane models very much. He wants to be a _______and fly a plane into the sky when he grows up.

   A. driver     B. pilot     C. designer    D. producer

231. The old man is used to sleeping without a ________in order to keep his back from bending.

A. net     B. pillow    C. slippers    D. quilt

232. The farmer is enjoying a pipe after a long period of hard work. The underlined part probably means _____.

A. smoking   B. looking at a pipe  C. buying a pipe  D. fitting a pipe

233. Many westerners have the habit of reading their plates every day. The underlined part probably means _____

   A. looking at their plates      B. examining their plates

C. checking their plates      D. praying

234. He seems to have nothing to do. He always keeps his hands in his ______.

A. bags    B. chest    C. back     D. pockets

235. The thief was caught by a ______ in plain clothes.

   A. police     B. policeman    C. policemen    D. policewomen

236. Marine was very interested in _____ because her father is a famous _____ figure.

A. politics; politics  B. politics; political  C. political; politics  D. political; political

237. The campus violence in America is a hot potato. The underlined part probably means _____.

   A. a potato freshly cooked      B. a problem difficult to settle

   B. a fairly easy thing to do      D. a place the students want to go to

238. It is beyond my _______ to decide whether we should begin our meeting or not.

   A. strength     B. power     C. force     D. might

239. Since the plan for the project has been carefully worked out, what we have to do is to put it into _____.

A. reality    B. action    C. fact    D. practice

240. After our country’s entry into WTO, our agricultural products, such as ______ and so on are facing more and more challenge.

 A. foodstuffs, fruits, cotton     B. foodstuffs, textile, hand-made goods

   C. fruits, cotton, hand-made goods    D. textile, fruits, cotton

241. --- To what window are you standing in a _______?

    --- No: 5, of course.

A. lines        B. rows          C. queue          D. thread

242. Every day the teacher gives us a one-minute         in English.

A. test            B. exam           C. contest          D. quiz

243. There are many kinds of media(大眾傳播). Which of the following do not belong to the same category?

A. TV, radio, newspaper      B. radio, newspaper, magazine

C. radio, magazine, internet     D. radio, internet, railway

244. It is widely believed that a good _____ between the two countries is important for the development of both China and the USA.

 A. connection   B. link     C. relation      D. relationship

245. After work, the young man and his colleagues went to the nearest _____ and sat down at the table for a grand dinner.

A. bar        B. cafe          C. restaurant       D. dining-room

246. Nelson Mandela played and is still playing a leading ________ in ending apartheid(種族隔離政策) in South Africa.

A. use        B. roles         C. role         D. parts

247. He found it quite impossible to learn _____ well in less than 6 months so he registered for the next semester(term).

A. Russian      B. Russians      C. Russia      D. Russias

248. A group of the red scarves are playing on the seaside_______.

A. sand       B. sands        C. sail       D. salts

249. A_____ has taught us what atoms are made up of and how powerful the atom bomb is.

  A. seaman      B. salesman       C. naturalist        D. scientist

250. Every year Harvard University awards       to excellent foreign students in theoretical physics.

    A. bonus        B. scholarships      C. rewards        D. pensions

251. The America’s selling weapons to Taiwan cast a shadow on the Sino-U.S relationship. Which of the following can explain the underlined part?

   A. was a good omen on B. had ill effect on     C. was at war with   D. effected

252. One of the purposes of United Nations is to achieve international co-operation without distinction as to race,____, language or religion.

   A. sex        B. female       C. male       D. skin

253. I have to wear a _____ and a tie in order to work in the manager’s office.

  A. clothes      B. dress      C. shirt         D. clothing

254. You can recognize a tree by the ______ of its _______.

A. shapes…leaves    B. shape…leaf    C. shape… leaves    D. shapes…leaf

255. Keith just shrugged his _____ and said it wasn’t his problem.

A. shoulder      B. shoulders      C. arms       D. bodies

256. --- _____ do you take?

   --- Size 24 shoes.

   A. What colour shoes B. What size shoes  C. Which number shoes D. How much shoes

257. Today’s homework is to write a composition, its title is: Will we become _____ or master?

A. slave       B. slaves       C. slavery      D. slaveries

258. There isn’t a cafe within a _________ mile here.

A. square       B. feet        C. foot        D. kilometer

259. The inter-university ________meet is usually held every other July.

A sport        B. sports       C. game        D. games

260. The word spread that the president came down with lung cancer. Which of the following has the same meaning as the underlined word?

A. order        B. news        C. tiding       D. rumour

261. It took Susan weeks to regain her _________ after a bad  _________.

A. strengthen… illness B. strength…illness   C. strength…ill     D. strengthen…ill

262. Please write me a 200-300-word_____ of this long report to read.

A. summary       B. outline       C. sketch       D. composition

263. The bank is equipped with new alarm _____. We can say it’s safe and reliable completely.

A. system         B. way         C. order         D. setting

264. The invention of the coal-burning      engine revolutionized industrial production in the 18th century and opened the way to the development of mechanized transport by rail and sea.

   A. vapour       B. steam        C. solar-energy        D. atomic-energy

265. Which of the following does not belong to the same category?

    A. suite          B. flat         C. suit          D. apartment

266. Mr. Green's are at table now. The underlined part means ____.

   A. beside the table  B. having dinner   C. at the table   D. making a table

267. When he was very young, he made up his mind to be a doctor. Which of the following words can not be used instead of the underlined word?

   A. tailor    B. translator   C. Tibetan    D. tourist

268. The limited supply of water has been put into practice, take care to turn off the running ____ before you leave.

    A. radio    B. traffic lights  C. gas    D. tap

269. Records, ____, walkman CD and MD are the same instruments that we can use to enjoy music.

    A. tapes    B. hammers   C. diamonds    D. telegram

270. The main task of the government is to reduce the level of inflation (通貨膨脹). The word "task" means ______.

    A. exercise   B. job    C. habit    D. favourite

271. What kind of drink would you like, coffee or orange? We can also use ____ instead of the underlined word.

    A. tobacco   B. peach    C. tomato    D. tea

272. When the police searched the village, they caught the two ____ that had stolen something from the shop.

A. robbers   B. thiefs    C. thieves    D. pickpockets

273. Which of the following is not a container?

A. metal    B. tin    C. can    D. tank

274. Believe it or not, two ____ is worth an egg.

    A. tomato    B. tomatos   C. tomatoes   D. tomatoses

275. A telephone is an instrument by which we can speak to people far away. The underlined word means ____.

A. a tool    B. an experiment   C. an expression    D. an instruction

276. We should take good care of our ____. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after meals.

A. toes      B. eyes    C. hands    D. teeth

277. If you want to get there quickly, you'd better take the track in the forest. The underlined word means ____.

A. a path    B. a car    C. channel   D. a canal

278. The road constant improvements can’t keep pace with the increasing ____ .

A. trucks    B. private cars    C. buses      D. traffic

279. The Palace Museum has many art treasures. In this sentence, "treasure" means ____.

A. precious things  B. money    C. cheap things  D. unimportant things

280. Take on a(n)         with you. It looks like raining.

    A. underwear       B. overcoat        C. water-proof jacket   D. umbrella

281. Many hands make light work.          is strength.

    A. Union        B. Nation        C. Uniform        D. Unifying

282. Our earth, one planet of the solar system, is only a very small part of the        .

    A. universal       B. university       C. universe       D. union

283. The house was sold for 60,000 dollars, which was far more than its real _______ .

    A. cost        B. value        C. price        D. worth

284. The officers led their men to _______ in battle, so all the villagers came out to award them with food and drink on both sides of the road.

A. victory      B. a triumph      C. failure       D. defeat

285. In the hotel semi-skilled workers include chambermaids (客房女服務員) and       or waitress, who must have training for their particular duties.

   A. assistants      B. waiters     C. guards      D. cooks

286. In 1920 Poland and Russia were still at       and they mustn’t trade in agricultural products with each other.

   A. battle       B. campaign      C. struggle      D. war

287. The clear colorless liquid that falls as rain, fills lake and rivers, and is necessary for life to exist is       .

    A. oxygen      B. petrol       C. water       D. flood

288. My eldest sister was left these jewels in my grandmother’s deathbed       .

    A. paper       B. letter        C. words      D. will

289. Our victory in the school sports meet resulted from the collective        of all the classmates.

   A. wisdom       B. wisdoms        C. brightness       D. cleverness

290. Since reforms and opening to the outside, five special economic _____ have been founded in China. They are Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Santou, Ximen and Hainan.

A. areas         B. zones         C. districts       D. prefectures


201—205CCDCA  206—210BDCCB 211—215BDCAA 216—220CADCC 221—225BDACA

226—230BADDB 231—235BADDB 236—240BBBDA 241—245CDDDC 246—250CAADB

251—255BACBA 256—260BAABB 261—265BAABC 266—270BCDAB 271—275DCACA

276—280DADAD 281—285ACBAC 286—290DCDAB

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