中華人民共和國民事訴訟法 14
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第九章 財產保全和先予執行
Chapter IX Property Preservation1 and Advance Execution
第九十二條 人民法院對于可能因當事人一方的行為或者其他原因,使判決不能執行或者難以執行的案件,可以根據對方當事人的申請,作出財產保全的裁定;
"Article 92 In the cases where the execution of a judgment2 may become impossible or difficult because of the acts of either party or for other reasons, the people's court may, at the application of the other party, order the adoption3 of measures for property preservation. "
"In the absence of such application, the people's court may of itself, when necessary, order the adoption of measures for property preservation."
"In adopting property preservation measures, the people's court may enjoin4 the applicant5 to provide security; if the applicant fails to do so, his application shall be rejected."
"After receiving an application, the people's court must, if the case is urgent, make an order within 48 hours; "
"if the order for the adoption of property preservation measures is made, the execution thereof shall begin immediately."
第九十三條 利害關系人因情況緊急,不立即申請財產保全將會使其合法權益受到難以彌補的損害的,可以在起訴前向人民法院申請采取財產保全措施。
"Article 93 Any interested party whose lawful6 rights and interests would, due to urgent circumstances, suffer irretrievable damage without immediately applying for property preservation, may, before filing a lawsuit7, apply to the people's court for the adoption of property preservation measures. "
"The applicant must provide security; if he fails to do so, his application shall be rejected."
"After receiving an application, the people's court must make an order within 48 hours; if the court orders the adoption of property preservation measures, the execution thereof shall begin immediately."
"If the applicant fails to bring an action within 15 days after the people's court has adopted the preservation measures, the people's court shall cancel the property preservation."
第九十四條 財產保全限于請求的范圍,或者與本案有關的財物。
Article 94 Property preservation shall be limited to the scope of the claims or to the property relevant to the case.
"Property preservation shall be effected by sealing up, distraining, freezing or other methods as prescribed by the law."
"After the people's court has frozen the property, it shall promptly8 notify the person whose property has been frozen."
The property that has already been sealed up or frozen shall not be sealed up or frozen for a second time.
第九十五條 被申請人提供擔保的,人民法院應當解除財產保全。
"Article 95 If the person against whom the application for property reservation is made provides security, the people's court shall cancel the property reservation."
第九十六條 申請有錯誤的,申請人應當賠償被申請人因財產保全所遭受的損失。
"Article 96 If an application for property preservation is wrongfully made, the applicant shall compensate9 the person against whom the application is made for any loss incurred10 from property preservation."
第九十七條 人民法院對下列案件,根據當事人的申請,可以裁定先予執行:
"Article 97 The people's court may, upon application of the party concerned, order advance execution in respect of the following cases: "
"(1) those involving claims for alimony, support for children or elders, pension for the disabled or the family of a decedent, or expenses for medical care; "#p#分頁標題#e#
(2) those involving claims for remuneration for labour; 
and (3) those involving urgent circumstances that require advance execution.
第九十八條 人民法院裁定先予執行的,應當符合下列條件:
Article 98 Cases in which advance execution is ordered by the people's court shall meet the following conditions:
" (1) the relationship of rights and obligations between the parties concerned is clear and definite, and denial of advance execution would seriously affect the livelihood11 or production operations of the applicant; "
and (2) the person against whom the application for advance execution is made is capable of fulfilling his obligations.
"The people's court may enjoin the applicant to provide security; if the applicant fails to do so, his application shall be rejected. "
"If the applicant loses the lawsuit, he shall compensate the person against whom the application is made for any loss of property incurred from the advance execution."
第九十九條 當事人對財產保全或者先予執行的裁定不服的,可以申請復議一次。
"Article 99 If the party concerned is not satisfied with the order made on property preservation or execution, he may apply for reconsideration which could be granted only once. "
Execution of the order shall not be suspended during the time of reconsideration.


1 preservation glnzYU     
  • The police are responsible for the preservation of law and order.警察負責維持法律與秩序。
  • The picture is in an excellent state of preservation.這幅畫保存得極為完好。
2 judgment e3xxC     
  • The chairman flatters himself on his judgment of people.主席自認為他審視人比別人高明。
  • He's a man of excellent judgment.他眼力過人。
3 adoption UK7yu     
  • An adoption agency had sent the boys to two different families.一個收養機構把他們送給兩個不同的家庭。
  • The adoption of this policy would relieve them of a tremendous burden.采取這一政策會給他們解除一個巨大的負擔。
4 enjoin lZlzT     
  • He enjoined obedience on the soldiers.他命令士兵服從。
  • The judge enjoined him from selling alcohol.法官禁止他賣酒。
5 applicant 1MlyX     
  • He was the hundredth applicant for the job. 他是第100個申請這項工作的人。
  • In my estimation, the applicant is well qualified for this job. 據我看, 這位應征者完全具備這項工作的條件。
6 lawful ipKzCt     
  • It is not lawful to park in front of a hydrant.在消火栓前停車是不合法的。
  • We don't recognised him to be the lawful heir.我們不承認他為合法繼承人。
7 lawsuit A14xy     
  • They threatened him with a lawsuit.他們以訴訟威逼他。
  • He was perpetually involving himself in this long lawsuit.他使自己無休止地卷入這場長時間的訴訟。
8 promptly LRMxm     
  • He paid the money back promptly.他立即還了錢。
  • She promptly seized the opportunity his absence gave her.她立即抓住了因他不在場給她創造的機會。
9 compensate AXky7     
vt.補償,賠償;酬報 vi.彌補;補償;抵消
  • She used her good looks to compensate her lack of intelligence. 她利用她漂亮的外表來彌補智力的不足。
  • Nothing can compensate for the loss of one's health. 一個人失去了鍵康是不可彌補的。
10 incurred a782097e79bccb0f289640bab05f0f6c     
[醫]招致的,遭受的; incur的過去式
  • She had incurred the wrath of her father by marrying without his consent 她未經父親同意就結婚,使父親震怒。
  • We will reimburse any expenses incurred. 我們將付還所有相關費用。
11 livelihood sppzWF     
  • Appropriate arrangements will be made for their work and livelihood.他們的工作和生活會得到妥善安排。
  • My father gained a bare livelihood of family by his own hands.父親靠自己的雙手勉強維持家計。
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