At Holmesburg
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At Holmesburg
Susannah Nevison
        All I saw before me were acres of skin. It was like 
        a farmer seeing a fertile field for the first time. 
                                            DR. ALBERT KLIGMAN
If one takes the bird's eye 
 view, it's easy to see 
 how a field becomes 
 a fine-tuned system 
 designed to give us 
 exactly what we want: 
 row after row of finely 
 turned earth, pliant 
 beneath specific tools, 
 which we sharpen 
 in dark houses after 
 a long winter's sleep, 
 which we drag across 
 the earth until it yields 
 a pattern we can work 
 with, a matrix we bless 
 with growth, control 
 for weeds, eradicate 
 what shouldn't take. 
 What we want is to push 
 the boundaries without 
 giving way to disarray1
 To see what might 
 survive these methods 
 is what we want, to raze 
 what fails us. Summon rain. 
 Under ideal conditions, 
 it's anybody's game.


1 disarray 1ufx1     
  • His personal life fell into disarray when his wife left him.妻子離去后,他的個人生活一片混亂。
  • Our plans were thrown into disarray by the rail strike.鐵路罷工打亂了我們的計劃。
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